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SELA SECLU8B CRYSTAL Lotus (KRONA) 432Hz 8" pjevajuća posuda

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  • Proizvođač: SELA
  • Šifra proizvoda: SECLU8B

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  • Najniža cijena u zadnjih 30 dana: 225,70€
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  • Najniža cijena u zadnjih 30 dana: 225,70€

Trenutačna zaliha: KINGCROSS ZAGREB

Ako ne znate što kupiti za poklon, ne brinite, tu je poklon bon!

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Boja: Frosted with violet lotus
Promjer: 20 cm
Specifikacije: Chakra: Crown chakra
Specifikacije II: Tuning: B, (approx. 485 Hz/432 Hz)
Specifikacije III: Logo sticker on the inside
Pribor: Incl. 1 Wooden mallet with rubber head, Incl. Silicone ring for safe positioning
Visina: 15.9 cm
Težina: 1.2 kg

Modern interpretation of the Tibetan Singing Bowls
The Crystal Singing Bowl 8" Lotus has a diameter of about 20 cm and is made of quartz crystal. The material used is given excellent sound properties by a special manufacturing process in which glass is melted down and brought into the desired shape by a centrifuge. Visually, the instrument is rounded off by a chic frosted glass design with a rough, white surface and a colored lotus design.

Crystal singing bowls, like the traditional bronze or brass alloy variants, produce spherical, long-lasting sounds with a powerful fundamental and "singing", harmonic overtones. In direct comparison, the modern variant made of glass sounds even slightly clearer and significantly longer than its metallic counterpart.

Tuned to one of the seven main chakras
Each Crystal Singing Bowl in the Lotus series is matched in color and sound to one of the seven energy centers of traditional chakra teachings. This makes them particularly suitable for meditation as well as sound massage and therapeutic purposes, as the harmonic voice of the singing bowls can help relieve stress and bring body and mind into harmony.

The violet 8" model is aligned with the crown chakra and tuned to the B note. In the 432 Hz version, however, the concert pitch A is not at the standard Western frequency of 440 Hz, but at 432 Hz. This tuning is said to have, among other things, a particularly relaxing and calming effect. However, this singing bowl does not harmonize with conventionally tuned instruments. It should be played either individually or together with other 432 Hz instruments - such as Sela Unity Handpans.

Useful accessories included
The Crystal Singing Bowl Lotus comes with a wooden mallet specially designed for use with crystal singing bowls. With its handle made of Asian Schima wood, it lies extremely comfortably in the hand and its rubber head enables both the gentle striking and rubbing of singing bowls. Depending on the technique and intensity, a variety of different tones can be elicited from the Crystal Singing Bowl. In addition, an included silicone ring ensures a secure stand and optimal vibration behavior of the bowl - so it can unfold its full sound potential at any time.

Item No.: SECLU8B

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