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dimensions (W x H x D): 190 x 268 x 215 mm weight: 3,95 kg colour: black Item No.: PSTUDIMON5..

1.360 kn 1.432 kn

Item No.: 7600115..

803 kn 845 kn

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PALMER PAN 04 pasivni di box

The PAN-04 consists of a housing containing the equivalent of two PAN-01s, making it a dual channel passive DI box. This „stereo" configuration makes ..

532 kn 560 kn

Small 1-5W amps have become very popular in recent years. They are fun items but some seem more like toys than real amplifiers. Palmers approach with ..

1.518 kn 1.598 kn

Standard active DI box. Can be operated with 9 V batteries or 48 V phantom power. High-impedance input; higher output level than with a passive DI box..

531 kn 559 kn


For acoustic string instruments with piezo and magnetic pickups Three selectable basic sounds: Flat, Modern and Vintage Input limiters, polarity sel..

1.216 kn 1.280 kn

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PALMER 9V PW9V napajanje

Power supply for all Palmer devices with a 9 V input connector and a maximum power consumption of 500 mA.Item No.: 7700711..

110 kn

PALMER MI PWT O5 MK II napajanje

Sa stabilnih 250 mA na svakom od pet priključaka Palmer PWT 05 MK2 najprikladniji je za gotovo bilo koju veličinu pedalboarda. Odličan je izbor čiste ..

608 kn 640 kn

Portable Bass PreampItem No.: PEPAMPBASS..

1.110 kn 1.168 kn

Pasivni DI box posebno dizajnirani za gitariste. PDI09 se spaja između efekata ili pojačala i miksera, nije pogodan za direktno spajanje gitare u miks..

694 kn 730 kn

Item No.: PPEDALBAY60..

630 kn 663 kn

Active 2-channel DI box with premium balancing transformers 10–40 kHz frequency response, high dynamic response -30 dB input attenuation, switchable..

1.220 kn 1.284 kn

Universal aluminium Pedalboard for the storage of all commercially available floor effects. The cross bars are already covered with Velcro (fleece), a..

341 kn 359 kn

With the PWC6 you can power up to 6 units from one single power outlet. Considering that most common effects have a power consumption of approx. 20mA,..

40 kn

Splitter for Guitars "When I run my guitar into two amps simultaneously, I always get a loud hum". This is a rather common problem, often discussed i..

752 kn 792 kn

The Palmer DUETTO is a small format active mixer. Input sensitivity and impedance are optimised for electric guitar applications but the unit also wor..

635 kn 669 kn

The Palmer PAN02 PRO is an active DI-box with outstanding additional functions. These include an unbalanced XLR input, in addition to the 3-way attenu..

1.254 kn 1.320 kn


Dedicated USB to pro audio interface High-quality 24-bit D/A converter with 44.1, 48 and 96 kHz sample rates Transformer balanced 3-pin XLR outputs ..

1.018 kn 1.272 kn

Palmer Pan 48 is a unit for the external power supply of phantom powered appliances. Due to the high current level of a maximum of 20mA, the applicati..

1.012 kn 1.066 kn

The Palmer PEABI is more than a simple switcher for two sources; simultaneously, the PEABI also handles level adjustment for various sources. Whether ..

469 kn 494 kn

In its new incarnation, the Palmer Pocket Amp MK 2 delivers an extended range of authentic tube amplifier tones from high headroom ultra clean to maxe..

686 kn 722 kn

The PAN-05 enables you to patch two microphones into one single mixing desk channel in situations where you run out of channels. Since decoupling occu..

329 kn 346 kn

Today, lectures and presentations are mostly held with audio and visual media support. Connecting laptop computers to the mixing consoles of PA system..

570 kn 600 kn

PALMER PLI01 direct box

Mono isolation transformer (line isolator), equipped with 1/4" TRS jack sockets at both ends for balanced and unbalanced signals. Especially suitable ..

524 kn 552 kn

Many try using a DI-Box “backwards” in order to convert a balanced signal to unbalanced. The resulting mismatch generally leads to disappointing resul..

498 kn 524 kn

Palmer PEABO is a Balanced Line Output Switch with one input and two outputs. Thus, it is the perfect choice for routing a signal to either one of two..

469 kn 494 kn

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